October 24, 2022

Professional Skills & Wrap Services

Professional Development Program:

  • >NASA Arset and DEVELOP workshop on using satellite imagery for fire prevention, early detection, rapid response, and post-fire restoration.
  • >ESRI training in geographic information systems and applications for the fire services.
  • >Workshop and field training in Ecologically Sound Practices in fire prevention and restoration.
  • >Field visit to NASA Ames Airborne Sciences Division and their wildfire reaper drone sensor system.
  • >Field visit to U.C. Berkeley Disaster Lab and Fire Labs.

Fire Department Skills Trainings:

  • >Marin County Fire Department Wildland Academy
  • >Marin County Fire Department: Introductory water rescue
  • >Marin County Fire Department: Introductory rope rescue

Recruits have the opportunity to connect 1:1 with a fire personnel staff throughout their year program.
Tuition, course textbooks, and course materials for FIRE Foundry courses:
FIRE Foundry will pay for all materials related to your FIRE Foundry coursework that isn't covered by grants and financial aid.

Uniforms, including station boots, Wildland boots: FIRE Foundry will pay for your uniforms, station boots, and wildland boots, for those that do not already have them.

Career guidance: FIRE Foundry will provide recruits with individualized guidance towards a career in the fire service. Each recruit may start at a different place and may desire to go in a different direction. Mentors and program leads will meet with each recruit to design and carry out a path towards success.

Supports Services Program:

  • Food: If you need food support for yourself and/or your family, we have several options.  We collect food bank donations and keep them at the FIRE Foundry HQ for any participant of the program to utilize.  College of Marin also has a student organic farm that often produces vegetable boxes after harvests for students to take.  If you are interested in these services, please reach out to the FIRE Foundry Coordinator.
  • Housing: The FIRE Foundry HQ has a limited number of bunk beds available for those in need of housing during your membership in the FIRE Foundry program.  If you are in need of housing during the program, please contact the FIRE Foundry Coordinator.
  • Other services: We have incredible partners that offer various additional support services for those in need.  If you have additional barriers to your participation in this program, please contact the FIRE Foundry Coordinator to discuss options.