The FIRE Foundry Program

The Fire Foundry program’s objective is to establish a science and technology-savvy, community-oriented wildfire prevention workforce, by providing job training and skills development for underserved, underrepresented, and underfunded community members in Marin County and the surrounding Bay Area.

Goals of FIRE Foundry

The FIRE Foundry is a career pathway program designed to support community members through career exploration in the fire service and strengthen competitiveness for future employment as firefighters or related careers in medicine, public safety and environmental conservation.

What's a FIRE Foundry Recruit?

A Fire Foundry Recruit is a person that has been accepted into the Fire Foundry program and is working their way through any of the 4 FIRE Foundry categories. The FIRE Foundry works with recruits throughout the entire process of becoming a firefighter from the day recruits begin to express curiosity about the fire service and are accepted into the program. This process can take years to complete, and the FIRE Foundry is committed to supporting recruits through the entire process!

What categories of recruits does FIRE Foundry serve?

You can read more about the FIRE Foundry categories on our Categories page. If you'd support from FIRE Foundry but don't know where you fit, just get in touch through our contact us page or by texting ‪(707) 371-6575‬.

Category 1: A Recruit is employed full-time on a FIRE Foundry Crew while attending classes on Friday at College of Marin to obtain Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and fire academy prerequisite coursework - this is what' s described below.

Category 2: A Recruit is working towards completing their Firefighter 1 certification requirements, which are needed for entry-level firefighting in the state of California. 

Category 3: A Recruit is employed as a seasonal firefighter, meaning they are fighting wildland fires during peak wildfire season. During the off-season they are employed as an Innovation Fellow at UC Berkeley, Stanford or a local fire science lab learning about emerging fire science technology. 

Category 4: A Recruit has successfully been hired as a probational firefighter or has recently secured a position as a full-fledged firefighter.

What are the details of the job?

JOB TITLE: FIRE Foundry Crewmember [Category #1]
STARTING WAGES: $18-$20/hr + benefits and healthcare
WORK HOURS: Full time (40hrs)4 x 10hr days, M-Th
EDUCATION HOURS: Fridays 9am – 5pm at College of Marin
START DATE: January 31 of each year
High school diploma, English proficiency, and ability to attend career development training and certification from 9AM- 5 PM every Friday.  If you do not yet meet any of these requirements, please reach out to us and we can direct you to partner programs that can support you in meeting FIRE Foundry Category I requirements for the following year.

Recruits applying for the job above will be employed by Conservation Crops North Bay while being supervised by a firefighter from Marin County Fire Department.  They will complete vegetation management and fire prevention work throughout Marin County for four days a week while receiving support services, education, and mentorship through the FIRE Foundry.

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