About FIRE Foundry

A workforce development and career exploration program designed to prepare recruits for futures in fire-related careers.

FIRE Foundry provides support and guidance with help from our friends:

Once you're accepted into a cohort, our team will work with you to ensure that you have access to the services and opportunities that meet you where you are on your journey to a career in fire service.

Mentorship, workshops, and wrap-around services with FIRE Foundry
Educational opportunities with College of Marin
Job opportunities with Conservation Corps North Bay
What we provide

FIRE Foundry

FIRE Foundry is supported by Marin County Fire Dept. The team manages recruitment, onboarding, mentorship, wrap-around services and partner coordination for all recruits. Below are the key services we manage:

Fire-related Certifications and Workshops:

FIRE Foundry partners with UC Berkeley, local departments, and volunteers from Marin County Fire to provide access to various workshops and engaging learning opportunities to ensure that our recruits understand what a career in fire service takes.

Mentorship & On-Going Checks:

Our team will coordinate and connect you with a fire personnel mentor during your first quarter in the program. We'll also do onboarding interviews, quarterly check-ins, and are always available to listen and support you however we can.

Wrap Around Services & More:

The goal of FIRE Foundry is to fill the gaps and provide the opportunities that may have prevented underserved groups from considering the fire service. Once you're accepted, our team will reach out and help you to understand the services available.

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Our educational partner

College of Marin

The FIRE Foundry Education Program at College of Marin is 12 months of coursework that serves as an educational bridge to fire academy and careers in health and public safety. All selected coursework also supports student progress towards completion of the College’s new AA in Public Safety. Learn more by clicking here or going to marin.edu

Core courses include:

Fire 110, Fire 215, and Fire 112. Additional courses and credit-granting options are available to FIRE Foundry recruits.

Guidance to a Degree:

Your curriculum and training will set you on the path to earn an AA in Public Safety while you pursue Fire Academy.

Access to Community College Resources:

Once you're registered for classes, you have access to a broad set of resources for students from study help to financial aid.

Our workforce partner

Conservation Corps North Bay

CCNB is a key partner for FIRE Foundry. They are the employer of record for a position designed specifically for FIRE Foundry recruits. The employment opportunity can be full-time or part-time, is designed to work around the FIRE Foundry education requirements, and gives you the opportunity to carry out defensible space work in the community in a crew with the supervision and mentorship of a CCNB supervisor as well as a Marin County Fire Fighter. Learn more at ccnorthbay.org

Key Job Details

JOB TITLE: FIRE Foundry Recruit
STARTING WAGES: $19/hr + benefits and healthcare
HOURS: Full time (40hrs)/part-time positions available (20 hr minimum)

What You'll be Doing

Clearance and defensible space work in the community. There may be opportunities for you to get paid to attend educational events as well through your work at CCNB.

Optional Employment

Employment with CCNB is not required to be a part of FIRE Foundry. You can keep your current job or apply for other jobs while in the program. This is simply an opportunity for you to earn wages, have benefits, and participate in physically active work that aids in fire prevention.