October 24, 2022

Educational Offerings by College of Marin

Tailored Classes for your success.

  • The FIRE Foundry Education Program at College of Marin is 12 months of coursework that serves as an educational bridge to fire academy and careers in health and public safety. All selected coursework also supports student progress towards completion of the College's new AA in Public Safety.
  • FIRE 110 - Fire Protection Organization: this 3 unit course provides an introduction to fire protection, career opportunities in the fire service and related fields; history of fire protection, the organization and function to public and private fire protection services, fire departments asa part of local government, fire service nomenclature, specific fire protection functions, basic fire chemistry and behavior, introduction to fire protection systems and an introduction to strategy and tactics with building construction. (This course is CSU transferrable and is equivalent to the SRJC Fire 71 fire academy prerequisite course and the CCSF Fire Science 50 prerequisite course.)
  • FIRE 215: Advanced First Aid/Fire Responder (EMR) is a 3 unit introductory course designed for lay-persons interested in, or for professionals who require, Fire Responder Training per State of California (title 22) or U.S. DOT standards. This class teaches the basic pre-hospital care skills needed to render care at the scene of an emergency until more highly trained emergency medical response personnel arrive. Includes basic anatomy and body systems; lifting and moving patients; airway management; patient assessment; medical, behavioral, and trauma emergencies; terrorism awareness; and an overview of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system.  This course is equivalent to the SRJC EMC100 fire academy prerequisite and CCSF Fire Science 17 fire academy prerequisite.
  • KIN 125:  This course introduces principles and guidelines for developing physical fitness, from beginning to advanced levels. Students participate in exercises and activities designed to improve their cardiovascular system and muscular strength. The course includes jogging, hiking, power walking, and strength and flexibility routines. Exercise routines may also be performed with cardio machines, free weights, and physio balls.
  • FIRE 112: Emergency Medical Technician 1 (EMT) is a 7 unit course providing 170 hours of instruction in the theory and skills required for the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-1) scope of practice as defined in title 22 of the California Health and Safety Code, and eligibility to sit for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) certification exam. 24 hours of supervised clinical experience with emergency ambulance providers and hospital emergency room is included.

Education Program:
COM’s understanding faculty and approachable staff will guide you to success with the courses, academic programs and services that match your needs. Take a look at everything COM offers by visiting the College of Marin website. Visit For direct access to the College of Marin Catalog for 2023-2024, go to

  • Counseling Services: Counseling Services are available to all students; however, special programs such as EOPS and SAS serve only those officially identified by those programs. Counselors work with students to help them set goals and design plans for achieving those goals. Students should come for counseling when they need help with any kind of problem that might affect their academic performance. Services and resources are located in the Counseling Services area at both campuses.  Students should consult with a counselor each semester before registering for classes.
  • Financial Aid: College of Marin offers student financial aid assistance to all students who qualify on the basis of financial need. Eligible students receive funds in the form of grants, scholarships, loans, and/or work-study programs. One-on-one Zoom sessions may be scheduled for application support.
  • Psychological Services: Psychological Services are available to all enrolled students and provide short-term therapy, crisis support, consultation, and referral to off-campus providers. Therapists are available to support students with a variety of difficulties.
  • Reading and Writing Lab (RWL): RWL provides students in all disciplines with tutoring to improve reading and writing skills, as well as access to computers, the Internet, and printing. We encourage students from all courses to take advantage of the services we have available. The RWL also assists students with transfer, scholarship, and job applications, including resumes and cover letters.
  • Student Accessibility Services: This program supports an accessible and welcoming environment for individuals with disabilities (temporary or permanent) while ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations. To request SAS accommodations services, students must make an appointment to meet with an SAS counselor and be prepared to provide verification of disability. Students then participate in an interactive exchange with the counselor to determine what may be appropriate accommodations.
  • Transportation & Parking: All enrolled College of Marin students receive unlimited free rides on local Marin Transit buses using their College of Marin Student I.D. card with a current validation sticker. Campus parking permits are required at all times, including evenings (except Sundays and school holidays). Students may purchase a semester parking permit for $46 (subject to change) online.Your permit will be virtual, no need to attach a sticker on your vehicle.
  • Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC): The Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) offers drop–in peer tutoring for COM students in a wide range of academic subjects. All tutoring sessions are small groups and schedules for individual subjects are posted at both campuses and online. Tutors are faculty-recommended and have completed a course in tutor training. Tutoring helps students improve understanding of course material, earn higher grades, improve study skills and study habits, and get to know fellow students in a dynamic learning environment.